2018 Wilson - A2000 CK22GM

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Size: 11.75”
Age: Adult
Sport: Baseball
Position(s): Pitcher
Web: Two-Piece Web

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The iconic A2000 line from Wilson is back and as great as it’s ever been. These gloves from Wilson have grown into a well-known and reliable line – players that demand the familiarity and quality of these gloves, can rest assured knowing that Wilson has released these gloves with the quality those players expect and then some.

The CK22GM is 11.75” in length and is the A2000 game model for MLB pitcher Clayton Kershaw. This glove is designed for an elite pitcher and features Wilson’s 2-piece, Closed web. This pattern conceals the seams of the ball and is strong enough to handle hard-hit comebackers up the middle.

The shell, palm and lacing are composed of Wilson’s high-end Pro Stock leather. This leather is one of the highest quality hides Wilson has available for construction and certainly lives up to the A2000 tradition. This glove also features Wilson’s “Top-Shelf Dual Welting”, which takes two strips of leather, placed along the back of the fingers for a quick break-in and long-lasting pocket.

The hand opening features a conventional, open back with a laced binding. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation, while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit – keeping the glove in place, even during the toughest plays. Additionally, the inside has been lined with Wilson’s Dri-Lex, moisture-wicking material to keep the leather dry and a comfortable feel.

The high-quality Pro Stock leather used is soft, but durable. The A2000 line will arrive stiff, but due to the construction of the leather and welting, will have a reduced break-in time.
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