2019 Demarini CF9 Zen 10 USA BASEBALL

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Paraflex+ composite construction for more precise weight distribution
3Fusion End Cap reduces weight at the end of the bat for a more balanced swing
X-Lite Knob is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit in player's hands
Premium grip for improved hand control
One-year manufacturer warranty
Meets all new USA Baseball Youth Bat Standards

No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
The DeMarini CF Zen Balanced Youth USA Baseball Bat (-10) provides monster performance and great feel. With a Paraflex composite construction, this bat has a light feel and balanced swing for a great feel on contact. Extremely responsive barrel and huge sweet spot due to this bat's 3Fusion taper design and end cap. The 3Fusion system also reduces hand sting by keeping the energy in the barrel.
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