2021 Easton ADV11 360 -11 USA BASEBALL

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  • 2021 ADV 360 USA Bat Features:¬†

    • 2-Piece Bat Construction
    • 100% Composite Design
    • Launch Comp Barrel Technology
    • DFS Carbon Handle
    • iSO Barrel-to-Handle ConneXion
    • Speed End Cap
    • Power Boost Knob
    • Custom Lizard Skins Bat Grip
    • Speed Balanced Swing Weight
    • 2 5/8" Barrel Diameter
    • -11oz Length to Weight Ratio
    • USA Baseball Stamp of Approval
  • The 2021 Easton ADV 360 USA -11 ounce baseball bat is constructed as a 2-piece USA bat for Little Leauge and Pony baseball, and is crafted out of 100% composite carbon fiber material. Easton incorporates the Launch Comp Barrel Technology, which is a barrel layup design that provides an optimized balance point and super hot sweet spot performance right out of the wrapper. The DFS Carbon Handle, short for Dynamic Feel System, is built from 90% carbon fiber to create an extra stiff feel. The ADV 360 also has the iSO CXN, which connects the barrel to the handle with proprietary nitrocell foam, and ultimately isolates the handle from the barrel to give you increased power potential. The Power Boost Knob is a "soft knob", giving you more leverage and reducing vibration/sting from impacting your hands at the moment of impact.¬†

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