Demarini - Maple Composite

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• BBCOR Certified

• -2 to -3 Drop (Approx.)

• Canadian Hard Maple

• Composite Handle

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Round out your game with the DeMarini D271 Pro Maple Wood Composite Bat. The D271 model has a medium barrel and very balanced swing weight.

The 2018 Demarini DI13 Pro Maple Wood Baseball Bat is back and better than ever. This beauty of a bat offers the most durable, and one of the best performing maple bats in baseball. Demarini uses Canadian Hard Maple for an un-rivaled sound and feel. The composite handle and frame offers a boost of durability. The I13 model is popular among power hitters looking for an end-loaded feel. If you’re looking for a durable high end maple baseball bat, the 2018 Demarini Pro Maple should be your first choice.
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