Rawlings HOH Pro 315-2SHG

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Don't miss another short-hop off the dirt, get your 11.75-inch Heart of the Hide I-web glove now!
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The 11.75-inch Heart of the Hide I-web glove from Rawlings is crafted from ultra-premium steer-hide leather. This glove gives middle infielders an unmatched feel for the ball, every time it comes their way. With a padded thumb sleeve for additional comfort and support, you'll be snagging hard liners like never before.

In addition, its flatter 31-pattern pocket allows you to feel the ball as soon as it hits your glove, so you can turn two with ease. As a result you'll watch your total chances percent bolster. You'll also turn heads thanks to this HOH glove's two-tone sherry and grey design, a popular design choice among top pros.

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