Mizuno Sliding Knee Pad

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Baseball and softball player's slider knee pad
Provides excellent protection for the lateral knee and shin while sliding
Inner 3/8" neoprene panels ensure maximum comfort, mobility and protection
Durable, contoured, wide base design shields the front, side and lower knee from abrasion and bruising
Lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort all game long
Also great for wear under a catcher's leg guards
Approximate 10.5" length
Adult one size fits all design
Includes 1 knee pad per purchase
Material: cotton, polyester and Spandex® blend
Machine washable (cold water only); air dry
Cotton/Polyester/Spandex® Blend
Complete lateral knee and shin protection
Inner 3/8 inch neoprene panels for maximum protection
Contour Protection Design offering a wide base that fully protects the front, side and lower knee from slide abrasion and bruises
Single kneepad per packet
Black or White
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